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Nursing Interest Group

Background, Goals & Plan:


The Canadian Leukemia Study Group is an organization comprised of a network of
leukemia experts from across the country. The mission of this group is to improve
the diagnosis and treatment of acute leukemia in Canada by:

  • Identifying and defining diagnostic and management best practices
  • Promoting Canada-wide standards-of-care
  • Fostering clinical and basic leukemia research
  • Improving new drug access.

Nurses are important members of this organization. The focus of their practice is to
ensure patients receive their treatments in a safe, timely and patient-centered
manner. To further this goal, a Nurse Interest Group has been formed as one of the
working groups of CLSG.

The purpose of the Nurse Interest Group is to:

  • Identify/develop best practice guidelines for managing disease-
    related complications
  • Identify/develop best practice guidelines for managing toxicities
    associated with therapies being administered
  • Standardize care around the monitoring/assessment of patients with
  • Facilitate/promote nurse led-research
  • Foster national relationships by establishing connections and
    communication with nurses across Canadian centers

The Nurse Interest Group will meet quarterly using a virtual meeting space. Minutes
will be kept of all meetings and distributed to members.

The Nurse Interest Group will provide a brief report on their activities to the CLSG
Board annually or as required by the Executive.

Nurses working with acute leukemia patients in their practice.

Steering Committee

  • Chair: presides over group meetings to ensure orderly conduct
  • Vice Chair: assumes duties of chair in their absence
  • Secretary: assumes administrative duties including organization of
    meetings, meeting notes, recording meeting attendance
  • Ad hoc members

Decision-Making Process
Decisions will be made by member consensus. If there are any issues where
consensus is not achieved, the decision-making process will be decided upon by the
Chair in consultation with the rest of the steering committee.
Interest Group Sub-committees

  • Project Development: (Members submit project ideas to the sub-
    committee. The sub-committee will provide feedback and support in
    the form of idea refinement, connecting members with CLSG
    resources, and helping facilitate presentation to the CLSG Board of


Steering Committee members:

  • Chair: Cindy Murray (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)
  • Vice-chair: Hassan Zahreddine (Hamilton Health Sciences Centre)
  • Secretary: Christina Mueller (Sunnybrook)
  • Project Sub-committee Lead: Lindsay McCarthy (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)
  • Project sub-committee members: Lindsay McCarthy; Danielle Brandys (Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre) ; Shannon Nixon (Stronach Regional Cancer Centre) ; Cindy Murray


CLSG-nurses’ working group members (as of Dec. 2021)

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