CLSG January 10, 2022 Minutes

In attendance: Lynn Savoie, Andre Schuh, Catherine Eustace, John Storring, Joe Brandwein, Julie Bergeron, Brian Leber, Kristjan Paulson, Waleed Sabry, Yasser Mourad

Administrative business:
Taxes are done. Brian will soon receive a document to sign and send back to the accountant.
First annual general meeting to be held on January 24th. The agenda has been set. Main items to discuss include the chair’s report of activities and future directions, the treasurer’s report, a membership report, an update on the national registry as well as a review of the nomination process for officers and board members in anticipation of turn over at next year’s AGM. Finally, the process for bringing forward ideas and participating in working groups will be reviewed.
Some discussion was undertaken regarding perhaps adding board members – specifically the chair of the AAG and possibly a representative from Atlantic Canada.
The deadline for nominations for board members and officers will be in September 2022.
Working Groups
National AML registry
Academic Advisory Group
A call is to be set up with Andre, Brian and Stephanie DesIslets re roles and responsibilities as chair of the AAG.
Interest Groups
Are to have a meeting soon with some projects in mind.
Moving along only slowly.
A kick off meeting to be set up soon. The pharmacist from Hamilton has a proposal as to how the group should run. May need someone from the AAG to sit on the group.
Next projects will be R/R ALL, Ph+ ALL as well as MRD in ALL and AML.
AML in the elderly
To go up on Within3 shortly with tasks assigned to working group members.
Treatment of APL
The overview to go up on Within3 on Jan 11 for review by working group members.
The document is with Christine and she is working on a manuscript.
Peg Asparaginase
The document is currently on Within3 with tasks assigned to the working group members. There is a deadline of Jan 15th for members to complete their assigned tasks but this will be extended to the end of January

Action Items:
Brian to sign to tax document.
Catherine to set up a call between Andre, Brian Stephanie, arrange the pharmacy kick off meeting and generate slides for the AGM to circulate to the board next week.
Next meeting:
February 14th

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