Overview of CLSG/GCEL Approach to the Creation of Guideline and Consensus Recommendation Documents

1. The CLSG/GCEL Board will identify yearly priorities for document creation. It is anticipated that the Academic Advisory Group (AAG) will provide input and suggestions in this regard, based on the needs identified by local leukemia programs. Input and suggestions will also be solicited from the CLSG/GCEL interest groups (Hematopathology, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists).

2. Working Groups will be created to work on the identified priorities. The AAG and interest groups will be asked to suggest potential working group members from their membership.

3. The task of the working groups will be to create two documents. The first is a comprehensive, living document in modular electronic format, that will be housed on the CLSG/GCEL website. The modular ‘living’ format will facilitate the updating of portions of this document, without the need for revision of the whole document. This large document will thus function as a comprehensive, up-to-date leukemia management reference.

The second document, which will be smaller and more concise, and may focus on a number of specific questions, will be derived from the larger online document, and will be published as a Guidelines or Consensus Opinion document. While the online reference document can be updated on an ongoing basis, the more concise Guidelines or Consensus documents will be updated much less frequently. The published document may refer to the larger online document.

4. If existing Canadian Guidelines already exist, but are outdated, the focus of the corresponding working groups will be to update the existing publications. If there are no prior Canadian guidelines, then the task of the working groups will be to create a completely new document.

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